The Last of this Zombie Stuff I Can Handle


Apparently Sony has registered a couple of domain names that might suggest a Last of Us adaptation is on the books. Just as everything is. This should come as no surprise — Frank Darabont shared an interesting anecdote in a Hollywood Reporter interview, where he read L.A. Noir (the book that he’d adapt into Mob City), and phoned around, found it was optioned already, and the guy was just sitting on it. So he developed it with him.

The film business is strange, especially the writing part. If you’ve seen Tales from the Script, with David Hayter and others, you know that a writer can make a career off of selling scripts that just get sat on. One poor mf had like thirty scripts sold, maybe two produced.

But now I’m starting to sound like every niche fan — people can be super against adaptations of all their favorite things into film, mostly because a lot of other people really want it to happen, and neither party has a great argument. Ultimately it wouldn’t matter if Akira was made into a U.S. feature — it wouldn’t make us resent the original or think less of it, it would just be a good movie, if done right. Nobody would care.

The Last of Us presents additional challenges, however, being already very cinematic, as some video-game fans tend to rail against. It is certainly the most profound video-game narrative I’ve experienced, and if it isn’t GOTY, then I really need to play Grand Theft Auto V. There isn’t much to revise or do differently, and so an adaptation might not come from a pure, artistic source.

To my mind, the only construction that’d come from a The Last of Us movie is, if financially successful, we’ll get another trend, and that’d be video-game adaptations. Not only will we see Halo, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Uncharted, Gears of War, God of War, and Metal Gear Solid as possible contenders (all on the books), but other, current trends, will be pushed out — namely superhero and YA. Let’s get some interesting stuff onto the silver screen. Maybe The Last of Us? Who knows.

In the end though, obviously you’d get Huge Jackedman to play Joel. You saw Prisoners

So Jacked

And if you make a Mass Effect movie please for GOD’s sake, make it FemShep. The people have spoken. Time and time again.